Transcore Technologies - R - Core Transformer, Torroidal Cores ( Round Cores ), R-Core 1 and 3 Phase for Transformers

R-Core 1 Φ for Transformers upto 50 K.V.A

R- Type transformers are made of continuous gain oriented steel, and the R - Core is also a revolutionary innovation. Thus, the R type transformer possess of significant performance and higher reliability.

Because of non - cut, round core, and high grade material, the R - Transformer is small, thin, and light. By using the transformer, you can design your product with a new modern shape and low cost.

Because the steel core has no magnetic gaps and the wire is round with good balance, so there is no need to devise any countermeasure against leakage flux.

With no cut in the Core, losses are very low. By using high grade material distance between core and winding, efficiency of R-Core Transformer is usually more then 90% all those make it become one of an environmental and energy - saving products.

Evenly spaced coil windings are standard. Balanced winding is inherent by design. And there is no cutting so magnetostrication stress is absorbed easily, assuring practically no noise. Because of its unique design with separate bobbins for primary and secondary, it provides very good insulation. The separate bobbins, made of flame retardant material, meet the safely standards of any nation. It also accepts such as the thermal fuse and electro - shielding, Various methods of lead out installation make it easy to design.


Dimensional Chart of R - Core - 1 Phase

  • The dimension and weight values above are presented for reference purpose only. That case change with VA values, lead wire types, and the number of circuit.
  • R-3P, R-8P, are fixed by pin-type bracket, and any type of transformer can choose wire or joining connection; in addition, R-10K - R25K are fixed by vertical ones.
  • R-Transformer are available not only in standard specifications but also in special specifications. For details, contact the sales department of Trans Core Technologies.
  • The specifications are subject to change without advanced notice.
  • For-3-phase - R-Core Transformers Dimensions on request.

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